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Year Round Futsal Program

Ballers Elite New Jersey offers two options for our year round futsal program. Monthly tuition is based on the level of training you choose. Tryouts for the 2021-2022 season Academy will be in September. We also offer a "drop in" option for $40 a training session.

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This is our most competitive program with players participating in weekly training in the off season and Bi-weekly training in season.

Players will also participate in

  • League Play

  • Two Local Tournaments

Monthly costs also include:

  • Coaching Salaries

  • In-Season Training: 2 training sessions per week facility fees

  • Off-Season Performance Training: 1 session per week facility fees

  • Player Cards

  • Tournament Fees: 2 Local Tournaments

  • League Membership and Fees: Fees for each team’s entry

  • Risk Management and Backgrounds: Security checks are performed on all coaches

Monthly Fees Do Not Include:

  • Uniforms

  • Additional Programming: Camps, Speed & Agility, GK Training, etc.

  • Any State, Regional, and National Tournaments

  • Additional Tournament Fees



This is our training only developmental program that provides weekly training in the off season and bi-weekly training while in season.

Monthly costs include:

  • Coaching Salaries

  • Training Sessions and facility fees

  • Risk Management and Backgrounds: Security checks on all coaches

  • Coaching Education: Ballers Elite makes coaching education a priority for all coaches.

Monthly Fees Do Not Include:

  • Training Uniform

  • Additional Programming: Camps, add on training

Due to COVID-19 Tournaments and Leagues may be cancelled or adjusted. If we are unable to play in tournaments due to tournament or league cancellation we will refund that portion of the fee. For training we have secured an outdoor location if we are forced to train outdoors and we will do every thing within our ability to ensure our training schedule is not interrupted.

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