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Futsal FAQ

Here are a few answers to questions that we are frequently asked. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Coach Fabian at

How many training hours will be available each week per player?

There will be training two 1.5 hour opportunities to train each week Fri & Sun.


If a player can't make their assigned training session, can they train with a different group that week?

Make up sessions will be on a case by case basis based on a conversation with Coach Fabian.


What is the roster size per team?

Training group Max 15 with dedicated available players considered for all events. There will be multiple opportunities at all levels available.  Roster size 7-10 determined by Coach.


Approximately how much will tournaments cost?

Tournament costs will vary based on the tournament fees and roster size, coaching/travel fees etc


If 30 days notice is given to terminate, do all remaining monthly payments need to be paid?

If 30 day notice is given then remaining payments will not need to be paid.


What if unable to play 3 tournaments due to outdoor club conflicts?

Tournaments are not mandatory, just come and train.


Who is coaching each age group?

Coaches :

Fabian Vega

(Remaining coaches TBD based on availability.)


What are the training locations?

We will train at Eden Park in San Marcos


Will travel by plane be required?

Travel by plane will not be  required however we are looking at elite tournament options some of which may require air travel.


Will we play in a futsal league?

We will assess all futsal events and activities and will participate based on quality and player availability/committment.

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